Little dogs can come with big attitudes and behavioral issues at times. An alternative to training your dog to discontinue needless yapping, chewing your shoes and other naughty behavior is the shock collar specifically designed for small dogs. They offer your small pet a lighter, less intense system that will fit him.


When shock collars for small dogs are designed, they are done so to create a good fit on the dog’s neck and have are lightweight. The receiver that attaches to the collar isn’t too oversized for your small dog. Some shock collars are designed to be as light as 3 pounds specifically for dogs 40 pounds or less. While a normal dog collar for a large dog weighs 3 ounces or more, the small dog collar is a weight of 1 to 3 ounces. Regarding the length of the adjustable collar, it is never more than 16 inches while a large dog collar is 24 inches and higher.


When you purchase a small dog shock collar, it will come with the transmitter and collar (with receiver attachment). The transmitter will give the signal to the receiver in a 100-400 yard range, dependant on the model. The collars are all battery operated sometimes with a rechargeable option. Some come with the option of a correction tone so you can use correction on your dog with or without stimulation. Many have a waterproof design so they can be used in all weather conditions. There will be an automatic safety shut-off feature and a thumbwheel which makes it effortless to adjust correction levels quickly.


Manufacturers of the small dog shock collar took into consideration that a smaller dog will require a lower concentration of shock than a larger dog. Most small dog collars have four to eight levels, while there are some that offer a level 10 concentration. Many of the small pet collars come with settings from 400 to 6,000 volts. To make a comparison between various concentrations, Pet Education compares 2,500 volts (low concentration) from the dog collar to static electricity in a carpet with 50% humidity in the air as a similar sensation. High concentration at 9,000 volts is a mid concentration much like carpets static electricity in high humidity. In comparison, an electronic fence gives off 20,000 volts which is considered high intensity. The shock is brief at 1/40 of a second, Pet Education adds.

Manufacturers and Prices

There are many options for small dog shock collar brands and are a starting price of $80 and up based on 2010 pricing. The PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Shock Training Collar kit is approximately $120, which is rechargeable while the brands $90 kit does not have the rechargeable option. For $100, you can purchase Innotek’s Toy and Small Dog Trainer kit while Venture Series Little Dog Trainer is available for $150.


Pet Education stresses, it is important you know how to properly use the shock collar for your small dog to take advantage of it’s function. Make sure to incorporate a positive reward system for pets good behavior as part of the training regime, not just using the shock correction for bad behavior. Pet Education says the main objective is to guide the dog to good behavior and meant to punish him for bad behavior.