Petsafe HDT11-11048 Big Dog Remote Trainer


 Petsafe HDT11-11048 Review

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From the makers of the leading dog equipment and supplies comes the PetSafe HDT11-11048 Big Dog Remote Trainer. This product has definitely so much to offer at a very affordable price of $119.99. The system is ergonomically designed and comes with a number of intelligent features that works best on big dogs. Its features along with its affordability, makes it the most opted choice of a number of big dog trainers and pet owners.

PetSAfe HDT-11-11048 Big Dog Remote Trainer Features and Specifications

  • Has a wider remote range that reaches up to 100 yards
  • Provides all weather fun with its waterproof receiver
  • Comes with multi levels of stimulation to suit the needs of each dog
  • With a 10 year limited warranty to give utmost peace of mind to the user


Rain or Shine Enjoyment

The fact that the PetSAfe HD11-11048 Big Dog Remote Trainer comes with a waterproof collar receiver makes the training convenient and worry free even conducted outdoors. The worries of having it getting accidentally soaked in water in a pond or a lake is greatly avoided; thus, dogs and trainers alike are sure to enjoy a very fun training experience every training time.

Longer and Wider Remote Range

The system is specially made to have a wider and longer remote range of up to 100 yards in order for the dog to truly enjoy and make the most of its training experience. The trainer’s message to the dog is easily conveyed for so long as the dog stays within the 100 yard range within the vicinity; hence, it is a great device to be used when training in an unfenced house or yard. Now, trainers can allow their dogs to enjoy the open field.

Safe and Comfortable

This dog training system is safe and comfortable to be used by large dogs that weigh up to 40 pounds or more. The receiver collar is made of vey lightweight materials that do not cause any possible discomfort to dogs and that they may hardly notice it being attached on their necks. Moreover, the receiver is adjustable to fit each big dog’s collar size.

Worry Free Usage

The device comes with a 10 year worry free limited warranty that provides peace of mind to any prospective user. Having such could be a proof that the product is truly effective to be used on hyper big dogs that need a little disciplining and proper dog behavior training. Its user friendly features add up to the worry free convenience of the user as he may easily memorize the proper utilization of the product.


One user complained that it did not work well when he was at some distance away from his dog. However, it is strongly advised that trainers should make sure that they stay within the 100 yard remote control range, in order avoid any inconvenience.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most customers were very happy with how this product worked on their dogs. The 4.3 out of 5 stars showed that the PetSafe HDT11-11048 Big Dog Remote Trainer works very well in teaching bigger dogs to behave accordingly. One very satisfied customer even remarked that her dog stopped unnecessary barking with the use of its warning function; she also stated that she would recommend the product to be used by other dog owners who have the same issues with their pets. That specific customer together with the other 42% of the reviewers gave the product a perfect 5 out of 5 stars score which only shows that this product is worth buying.

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