Groovypets One Dog Training Collar  Review

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 Officila Price: $59.99

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This shock collar was developed by Groovypets, a company well known for pet wellness products. Having been in the industry for so many years, they have created a dependable reputation when it comes to pet needs. This simple and easy to use device allows pet owners to train their extended family members safely and gives them control over misbehaving pets.  Currently priced at $ 59.95, this pet trainer has adjustable strap to fit dogs of all sizes. This wireless leash allows owners to give more freedom to their pets but still have control in case they go astray. It has an adaptable neck collar that can fit small and big dogs alike.

The Groovypets remote control one dog training collar Features and Specifications.

♦ The transmitter is powerful enough to reach up to 400 yards.

♦ The receiver is equipped with a motion sensor as a battery saving feature and is also rechargeable.

♦ It has a decorative bone shaped receiver with a bright red light and is also water resistant.

♦ The transmitter can be programmed to command two receivers and comes in a design that very easy to use.


User friendly Design

T he remote control is designed in such ways that even a child can use it. It is very simple with just a few buttons to work with. The intensity is already preset and you can choose either a shock mode or just vibrate. You can’t go wrong with what button to press as they are spaced well and there are not so many to choose from. Simple but economical and anyone can operate it. Friendly design can also be found on other dog collars so be sure to choose the one that will suit your needs.

Exceptional Remote Range

Freedom is something that all pet lovers want to provide on their pets. With Groovypets Remote Control, it comes with a transmitter with a range of up to 400 yards, you can definitely give so much freedom to your pet, you can allow them to roam around the yard or park and with just a press of a button and they stop whatever it is they are doing. That’s control without a leash, convenience in your fingertips. Vibrate alone is good enough to get your dogs’ attention that you may not need to use the shock button.

Battery Saving Feature

It is equipped with a motion sensor. When your dog is inactive, it goes into power saving mode and automatically activates when they are on the move. This feature allows for a longer battery life span.

One Size Fits All and it Comes with a Rechargeable Battery

The adjustable band is also something to admire since it fits perfectly whatever size your dog is. No matter what kind of dog you have, you can be sure it fit just fine.  It comes with a rechargeable battery so you no longer need to buy a disposable one regularly. With that in mind, you know you won’t find yourself running off to the nearest store when your power supply runs out.


Some of the components are made of plastic which tends to snap especially for extremely unruly pets. Those who likes to crawl into really tight spaces causes the receiver to loosen up and eventually fall off. The battery, even though it is rechargeable, gets drained relatively fast and you would need to remove it and recharge. Frequently removing it causes the plastic lock to break. The preset vibrate and shock intensities may not be that effective for bigger and stronger dogs.  It may work a week or too but over time the dog gets used to it. The transmitter may have a 400 yard range but if it’s full of obstacles, it may not respond right away. Another thing to look into is the warranty that comes with it. This product only comes with a three month warranty.

The Customer Reviews & Scores

Since it was made available to the public, Groovypets’ e-collar has received a total of 120 customer feedbacks. It scored a decent 3.8 stars out of 5. This equates to more satisfied buyers and that is a testament of the products quality.  Excessive barkers can now be contained with ease. The efficiency of the product compared to the price gives you a win-win situation.

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